I am a one-woman show, and there are only so many resumes I can write within a week. Which also means there are a limited number of people who I can help.

Secondly, altruism is important to me. I want everyone to succeed, and I don't want a hefty price tag to be the ONE thing that stops someone from getting a result or bettering their life.

I understand that not everyone has the budget for 1 on 1 work, so I created an affordable option.

Good question!

I love this question! Sure, there are lots of people out there who say they can write your resume or cover letter but are they qualified?

See this is an unregulated industry. That can be both a blessing and a curse as you may be spoilt for choice, but the quality can be questionable.

I have 15+ years of relevant resume and cover letter writing experience across various industries, so I know my sh*t!

Plus, now, I write resumes day in - day out. It's my full-time job!

Sure, I could charge an arm and leg for my service, but that’s just not me. I wanted to create a product and service that was based on integrity and gives YOU the skills and power to take control of your career direction.

Plus, most importantly?

I wanted EVERYONE to be able to access my service and products no matter their financial position.

So, a knockout cover letter and resume that can be updated edited and shaped for the rest of your working life for less than your weekly coffee bill?

That’s why I think I offer a pretty valuable service with some serious longevity attached.

• The templates are quick and easy to use - I've practically written your cover letter for you.

• I’ve included expert job-winning writing tips and examples.

• Real designers have created the templates. They have been designed with ATS software in mind.

• It's an instant download after purchase so you can get started straight away.

• It’s a one-off cost, and it's yours for life.

• It’s suitable to use on a PC or Mac.

A 21-page easy to understand, a step-by-step guide written by me. These steps will show you exactly how to create a killer cover letter and resume.

An easy to use resume and cover letter template that has been designed by a real graphic designer and is approved for Applicant Tracking Software.

Expert job writing tips, and plenty of examples you can use in your own cover letter and resume. In all honestly, I’ve pretty much written the cover letter for you, you just need to tweak it.

As well as hints on where to look for work, and how to nail the interview.

Anyone. It doesn't matter who's resume I am writing, or what industry - the principals I follow and the templates I use are exactly the same. It’s the exact process I'll teach you in the step-by-step guide. I give you the same templates I use as well. As long as you have basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, you are good to go.

You get everything the digital download gets, and you’ll have me to look over your final documents and provide tailored feedback. I give the tailored feedback via email, or audio message so you can continue to refer back to it.

It's an instant download after purchase so you can get started straight away.

Forever. Once you have purchased the bundle and templates, they are yours to keep forever. This means you can update your documents whenever your heart desires.


Both the cover letter and resume template are super editable. I recommend leaving it as is, however, if you wish, you can edit absolutely everything - colours, fonts, text size, borders - the works.

Definitely! The templates have been created by designers to look great, both printed, emailed, or uploaded as a PDF.

Short answer: Hell, yes!

(Slightly) longer answer: Nowadays, a 'resume' can come in many shapes and forms from an original CV on paper, to a digital website, portfolio, LinkedIn profile or even video.

But essentially?

The hiring manager needs to see if you are potentially a 'good fit' for their workplace (professionally and culturally).

So even if you don't need to write an 'old school' resume per se, my digital guides & templates will still absolutely benefit you.

My guides will teach you how to sell yourself and your skillset articulately; regardless of the format, you are doing that in.

I’m no miracle worker, but I CAN help you stop your procrastination when it comes to writing your resume and cover letter.

That is EXACTLY why I created my digital guides & templates.

People tend to overcomplicate their resume which makes them put the task into the ‘too hard basket’, and before you know it, you’re doing everything BUT writing your resume or cover letter.

But repeat after me: Simplicity. Is. Key.

I’m going to show you how to write a resume and cover letter in only a couple of hours (spread out in little chunks of time so you can keep your concentration levels in check) with my easy four-step process that will banish any pesky procrastination.

Look, I will stop you from applying for a doctor's position without the relevant qualifications but want to know a little secret?

You're probably more qualified than you think!

The statistic 'That men apply for a job when they meet only 60% of the selection criteria, but women apply only if they meet 100% of the criteria' really grinds my gears.

I want to shake those women who think they're not good enough if they don't tick every box. Stop that negative voice in their head(s).

So, while I want to help everyone, of course, I am incredibly passionate about helping women. I want to help encourage them to throw their hat in the ring.

I'll show you how to effectively shape past experiences into skills that are needed for your dream job and how to build a knockout resume and cover letter.

My guides and templates are like having a hype girl in your back pocket.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Oh, that recipe is going to the grave, sorry folks!

I do. I get writing your own resume can feel like a very overwhelming task, and perhaps you just want the headache taken away.

If this is what you are after, please feel free to email me. From there, we can chat about your needs and my availability.

You can email me at: at

Please note, prices start at $249 for a tailored cover letter and resume. Key Selection Criteria, LinkedIn, or Seek Profiles are an additional charge. As is coaching.

Due to the nature of the product (digital download & templates), refunds are not possible.