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How to Write a Killer Resume & Cover Letter - Digital Guide + Templates!

As a professional resume writer, I’ll reveal the tricks of the trade so that you can create a resume and cover letter that you are proud of within hours, not days!

My, do it yourself kit includes an easy-to-use, step-by-step digital guide with practical tips, as well as an easy to use resume and cover letter template.

The 21-page document also includes plenty of examples (which you can totally steal) to get your brain ticking! Yes, you will have to do the work, but I will LITERALLY spell everything out for you.

Plus, I'll cover off;

How to explain that you haven't worked for the past few years? Or have recently been made redundant.

How to communicate that you're only available on certain days?

What the hell is ATS software, and what do you need to know?

Should you create a resume in Canva?

Do you need a Linkedin Profile?

As well as handy hints on where to look for jobs, and how to nail the interview. As long as you have basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, you are good to go. 

I promise it won't be anywhere near as hard or as daunting as you might think. I've written the guide in a way that it is as if I am sitting right beside you helping you.

Honestly, this is a #nobrainer!

Let's just get started, shall we?

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