Thanks for considering me to help you write your new resume & cover letter!

Don’t take it from me (of course I love tooting my own horn!), but see what past clients have to say…


I would highly recommend Kirstin to anyone looking to secure someone who they can trust to deliver a result. Trustworthy, and credible!



Kirstin was very prompt and professional when critiquing my resume and took the time to individualise specific examples relevant to nursing. Being able to replay her audio feedback as often as I needed while editing was incredibly helpful. She eased that over whelmed feeling everyone gets when writing a new resume and cover letter. I cannot highly recommend Kirstin enough!



Thank you so much, Kirstin, this has given me the confidence to go out and apply for jobs. It would have taken me weeks to do my resume without you, and it would have been nowhere near the same quality. You legend. 



Words can’t describe how confident Kirstin has made me feel with my resume. I will be highly recommending Kirstin to everyone and anyone I know. Thank you for your amazing work!



Kirstin is a dedicated and passionate professional with a proven track record. She is a true leader.

Kirstin's willingness to impart her knowledge and expertise has helped me build both my skill set and confidence.

Kirstin is an excellent communicator, encouraging, seeks input, and truly goes above and beyond.

Kirstin is committed to developing individuals, she truly cares. This, coupled with her work ethic and integrity, make her an inspirational and visionary leader who I am grateful to have worked with.



As a mum beginning to think about returning to work, I felt super overwhelmed. Kirstin held my hand and helped me a lot. Can't recommend working with Kirstin enough.



Kirstin has a natural skill in leading people, which reflects the achievements she gets with her clients! Really Impressed!



Just wanted to say that Kirstin is incredible!  I have never been good at selling myself, and I wasn't even sure what to write on my resume, but Kirstin makes this task so easy. Thanks so much! 



Thank you so much! By having such a well written document, it has given me renewed confidence in myself and my own abilities. Highly Recommend!


Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt


Kirstin was the person who fixed my crown without telling the world that it was crooked! - C.B